Recall Alert: Salmonella in Packaged Foods


Dozens of packaged food products are being pulled off store shelves after a common flavor enhancer, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, was found to be tainted with salmonella.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, thousands of products on grocery store shelves contain the ingredient. As of noon on March 4, 56 products have been recalled on these salmonella concerns, according to the FDA.

“The contamination was traced back to Las Vegas-based Basic Food Flavors, which provides HVP for many food companies that use the product in processed foods, including soups, sauces, chilis, stews, hot dogs, gravies, seasoned snack foods, dips, and dressings,” according to Med Page Today.

Many foods that contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein but require cooking are not being recalled since cooking the product would kill the salmonella bacteria.

Salmonella can cause serious and even fatal infections in young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, according to the FDA. It can also cause fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea in otherwise healthy individuals.

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