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NEW YORK (MainStreet)—Would you choose a Realtor based on the same criteria you use for dating? For this episode of The Moola Files Teke Wiggin from Inman News takes us inside the fascinating world of consumer-agent matchmaking with Agent Finder (an eHarmony analog) and Google-backed HomeLight (more of an OKCupid) trying to synch up people's traits to optimize house buying and selling.

These sites, along with others like LessThan6Percent and Brokur, stand in sharp contrast to listing sites like Trulia, which had its IPO last September, and Zillow, which went public in July of 2011. This recent crop of matchmaking sites highlights the increasingly tech-centric, user-personalized side of the real estate market, something Inman News is tapped into through its Inman Connect conferences and its Inman Incubator.
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