Postal Service Launches ‘Green’ Stamps


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you want to save the environment, all you have to do is plant some trees and walk once in a while, at least according to a new set of stamps from the post office.

In an effort to promote green practices, the U.S. Postal Service recently unveiled a set of 16 new Forever stamps, each with lessons on how to be more eco-friendly in one’s day to day life, because if there’s any place consumers are likely to look to for lessons on green living, it’s obviously the post office.

The green tips range from incredibly obvious points like turning off lights when not in use and relying more on public transportation to fairly obvious points like buying local produce and adjusting the thermostat based on the temperature outside. Perhaps the only lesser known point mentioned on the stamps is that maintaining proper tire pressure can help your car to drive with less resistance, thereby using less fuel. Unfortunately, because it’s a stamp and space is limited, all it says is “maintain tire pressure” next to the Go Green logo, with no explanation as to what one has to do with the other.

And if the stamps aren't enough to show off the post office's conservation mindset, it has also launched a series of other unique green-themed products.

In addition to the stamp set, which costs $7 for all 16, the post office now sells a $10 tote bag made out of recycled materials, a set of four oversized postcards with the Go Green logo on them for $9, and for the really green-seeking households, a special $17 Go Green family activity kit that comes with the stamps, a poster and an access code for games, about which the post office didn’t give any clues, but we can only hope don’t incorporate the experience of waiting in line at a post office.

Now, even if the post office is just using the green movement to make money, we can’t really blame it much for doing so. After all, the postal service has been bleeding money for years and recently resorted to laying off thousands of employees in an effort to get its budget back in line.

The real problem with this campaign is just the blatant irony behind it. Even assuming the best intentions, the post office today represents the ultimate in waste, delivering tons of junk mail, bills and other correspondences that could just as easily be handled online, without having to waste paper or fuel to deliver them.

All the stamps really accomplish is putting a green face on all that waste.

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