One-Third of Twitter Users Don’t Tweet


Last week, Twitter logged its 10 billionth tweet, passing a huge milestone. But a recent study has just taken some of the steam out of that event.

Barracuda Labs, a security firm, analyzed 19 million Twitter accounts (there are currently about 27 million in total) to determine how many of these are active. Barracuda’s formula was simple: to qualify as an active user, you need to follow 10 people or more, be followed by at least 10 people and have posted at least 10 tweets.

The findings were surprising to say the least. According to Mashable, only 21% of the 19 million accounts turned out to be active users. Now, some may argue that the above criteria does weed out active users. For example, Conan O’Brien joined Twitter recently, but he is only following one person on the site, which has been great for her, but means he doesn’t qualify as “active” using Barracuda Labs’ standards.

Still, one of the other findings in the report may highlight the real Twitter landscape. Barracuda found that about one-third of the 19 million users they analyzed had never even tweeted once.  So, while the site may be filled with tons of babble, millions of users apparently are content to be silent.

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