Obama $1 Bill Wins Rede$ign Contest


Voters said yes to placing Obama on the dollar bill with London design firm Dowling Duncan taking first place in the Dollar Rede$ign contest.

The contest, which ended Sept. 30, was a culmination of a grassroots movement to rebrand America’s paper currency that began last year under the efforts of Richard Smith, a British design consultant based in New York.

With more than 61 entries both from designers abroad and in the U.S, the contest generated 50,316 votes, according to Smith’s website.

Dowling Duncan’s prototype design stirred a media frenzy this summer by featuring Obama on a blue $1 bill. In addition to using a vertical layout that eschews the traditional greenback’s horizontal orientation, the notes were dismissed by critics for only featuring Democrats, including Franklin Roosevelt.

But voters spoke clearly, with Dowling Duncan taking the lion’s share of votes (7,381 to be exact) and winning the high-tech grand prize, an Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) iPad along with a T-shirt. The second and third place winners both received $100 and a T-shirt.

In second place was Ani Ardizivian, a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, who currently works as a freelance graphic designer in New York. Her bills, which she told Smith “were arranged in a timeline,” focused on pivotal American themes such as the technological innovation, the environment and women’s and civil rights. Amelia Earhart and Martin Luther King Jr. were prominently featured on her bills, as well as Neil Armstrong. Her design received 4,688 votes.

In third place was Sean Flanagan, a self-taught web designer based in New York and New Jersey, whose classic rendition of George Washington gave the greenback a well-deserved facelift without sacrificing a nod to our country’s founding fathers. He received 4,496 votes.

Smith tells MainStreet he plans to run the competition again next year, most likely in April or May.

Check out more of the Dollar Rede$ign entries here

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