Now Hiring: Astronauts and Mission Control Specialists


Bigelow Aerospace, a commercial spacecraft company, recently announced that it was looking to fill dozens of positions, including astronauts and mission control specialists.

So, how tough are the job requirements for being an astronaut? Very tough.

“Qualified applicants need to have completed a training program from their government or recognized space agency and have at least some flight experience on a recognized space mission. Specialized training and/or experience (ie: Medical, Payload Specialist, EVA, Pilot, etc.) is not a pre-requisite, but is definitely a plus.” As Reuters points out, this pretty much limits the potential job applicants to about 500 people worldwide.

Even other less glamorous positions, like Chief of Security and Electrical Engineer, still sound exciting when you add the word “aerospace” to it, and these jobs have slightly more reasonable requirements. For instance, if you want to be a Model Shop Supervisor, all you need is 2-5 years of management experience, and you’ll need to have done some work designing cars… or movie sets.

Check. And check. Where do I sign up?

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