The New Job Market: $5 Gigs


On, thousands of jobs are available and they all pay $5. It’s kind of like giving an allowance to adults.

Welcome to the world of micro-employment. Users on advertise a wide variety of jobs they are willing to do or want someone to do for them for just $5. No catch, no hidden fees, all you need is Lincoln’s face on a bill. One person will compose a song, another will teach you how to do cool motorcycle stunts. No matter what, it costs just five bucks.

Some of the jobs are undoubtedly worth more than $5 to the right person. One doctor offered to answer medical inquiries and several users on Fiverr offer to follow you on your social network and help you promote stories.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Fiverr launched less than a month ago and already has posts for 5,000 such gigs. The founders wanted to provide a service that would help people satisfy tasks that are “too small to hire a separate employee or contractor, but large enough to be annoying and relatively time-consuming.”

Fiverr is really a no-brainer in this bad economy. It may not be enough to supplement your income or fix the unemployment crisis in this country, but the site provides something almost as valuable: busy work, the chance to make some unique professional connections and proof that you can still buy something valuable with five bucks.

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