A New Drug to Fight Obesity


Obese Americans may soon have another drug option to try before resorting to drastic and invasive attempts to lose weight.

The Food and Drug Administration is looking at a treatment called Qnexa, which could work nearly twice as well as Alli, a weight loss drug that’s been around now for several years, notes market research group Decision Resources.

Unlike Alli, which prevents your body from absorbing fat, potentially resulting in some very embarrassing side effects, Qnexa is believed to work by addressing the brain’s perception of appetite and satiety, the drug’s developer Vivus (Stock Quote: VVUS) says.

It could also have a positive effect on those with related conditions including sleep apnea and diabetes, though more studies have to be done to get a better look at what side effects the drugs could cause. It's expected to be available early next year.

Qnexa is actually a long-acting combination of low doses of drugs that are available as cheaper, generic drugs, but since they’re combined into a single pill, it can be sold as a much more expensive brand-name drug that you’ll need a prescription to get.

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