Need Cash? Tattoo Your Forehead


Thanks to new advertising strategies, you can easily use your head to make you extra money. Literally.

Your Body as Billboard

Among several alternative advertising methods, companies are paying people to wear temporary and even permanent tattoos on their bodies, including on their foreheads.

Whether you want to pay for college or you’re in need of extra money, consider selling (part of) your body.

Tattooed advertisements have been a trend, though somewhat of an oddity for several years.

At least you may be able to make good money: In 2005, Kari Smith
received $10,000 for getting a permanent tattoo on her forehead advertising the Web site This spring Russian adult film star Anna Morgan was paid a full $500,000 to have “” tattooed on her breasts last month.

But if you’d rather not have a permanent scar to remind you of the recession, claims that people who agree to be walking advertisements can make up to $5,000 for wearing a temporary tattoo.

Decorating Your Car to Save on Gas

For a somewhat less personal statement, you can also make money to pay for gas by making your commute in a car plastered with advertisements. says it will pay people $200 per month to drive around their car completely wrapped in an advertisement as long as you agree to a one-year contract. Smaller amounts are paid for decals and license plate frames, for example.

Interested? You’ll have to drive at least 1,000 miles per month, have car insurance, a car in good condition and a good driving record, among other requirements.

Before you sign up and pay a fee to register, however, you’ll want to do some research to avoid some of the more sketchy companies that say they’ll pay you for wrapping your car in ads.

Giving Up Your Home to Strangers

And don't forget about home swaps this summer. If you’re going to be away on vacation, you can rent out your home through sites like or

Like bodies and cars wrapped in ads, however, how much you make from renting out your home for a few days may depend your surroundings and your exposure.

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