Natalie Dormer's Heads Up Investing Advice


On June 1, Natalie Dormer will lose her head. Well, at least her character will.

The actress plays Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s (CBS) series, The Tudors, which chronicles the reign of England’s King Henry VIII who was famous for his multiple marriages. One of England’s most famous queens, Boleyn was Henry’s second wife until she was beheaded in 1536 on charges of adultery, incest and high treason. (She was also unable to produce a male heir to the throne.)

She may live in medieval times on the small screen, but Dormer also relates to more contemporary characters, such as the women from the new Sex and the City movie (TWC). “Probably Samantha," Dormer tells MainStreet exclusively. "That’s who Anne would be. Myself, oh my goodness, I’m probably Miranda. I’m a bit of a geek. Natalie Dormer is probably Miranda.”

And, since Miranda is one of the more financially savvy of the Sex and the City girlfriends (in season 2 she was the first of the girls to purchase her own apartment), maybe Dormer will take money cues from the character in the future. But, for now it seems she is sticking with the advice she picks up while reading. “I read an article in the Times, the British Sunday Times, when I was on the plane that said we should invest in [U.K. bank] Northern Rock. You know we had this bank that just collapsed and the government saved it. And, apparently when the bank has collapsed and the government has fixed it then you should invest in it because it is sound.” (Unlike Queen Anne's place in Henry's court.)

No matter where her money ends up, she is probably better off than her The Tudors co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers who thinks the best place for his money is under the mattress.

Check them both out on the finale of The Tudors, which airs on Showtime June 1 at 9 p.m.



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