MySpace vs. Lower East Side

ADVERTISEMENT’s Simon Constable hit the streets of Manhattan’s veritable hipster Mecca, the Lower East Side, to get the pulse on social networking in the land where Macs (AAPL) are almost as common as cappuccinos. Turns out the cool kids aren’t dishing all their details on the web, “I feel like I can socially network without the internet,” responded one well put together gentleman. Another said he didn’t participate in social networking because there’s “just no time.” 
You might think it’s only for bands and tweens, but according to a recent survey conducted by the Luxury Institute, MySpace (NWS.A) is the leading social network site for the upper crust. So log on scenesters, and start stepping up your social standing. 
Sixty percent of the wealthy individuals surveyed -with an average income of $287,000 and a net worth of $2.1 million,– are members of online social networking sites and 16% of them are on MySpace, as opposed to 13% for LinkedIn and 11% for Facebook. That's a major jump from the mere 27% of high rollers who used social networks last year. And the rich and not-so-famous aren’t only registered with one social network. They average 2.8 social networks and 110 “friends” or “connections.”
And do the Lower East Siders think they fit in with their wealthy digital peers? “I feel very rich and affluent internally,” said one woman, “but living in New York, I’m dirt poor!”

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