The Most Successful Ad Campaign of 2010


It's not every week that television viewers and the media get excited for the sequel to a commercial, but that's what happened this week as Old Spice released the latest installment (see above) of the commercial series, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." In these commercials, a handsome betoweled man speaks directly to the "ladies" in the audience, telling them in exagerrated terms that their significant other could be a real man like him by picking up a bottle of Old Spice. It might sound like just another advertisement except that the videos employ just the right amount of randomness and whimsy, not to mention a charming actor.

The first of these commercials was released back in February this year and quickly went viral. It now has more than 11 million views on YouTube and has spawned countless spoofs. Not only has the commercial served as an incredible marketing tool for Old Spice, gaining it tons of press and even an award at the Cannes film festival, but the series has also helped Isaiah Mustafah, the actor in the commercial, to score a TV deal.

The video here is the third one in the series (a second one was released in February). In the time that has elapsed between these videos, Old Spice released another disappointing series of videos featuring Tery Crews, an actor and former football player, as an overly passionate and aggressive Old Spice user... with a tiger.

The only popular commercial series I can think from the last decade that compares is Apple's Mac vs. PC advertisements. What do you think? Does this commercial make you want to buy Old Spice, or does it make you want to throw you Old Spice away and drive away on a motorcylce into the sunset?

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