Most Restaurant Staff Serve Customers While Sick


Those working at restaurants really better wash their hands.

The majority of restaurant staffers (63%) have cooked or served food to customers while sick, according to a new report from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

The report, which is based on surveys with more than 4,000 restaurant employees nationwide, highlights the difficult conditions these workers face. Nearly 90% of the restaurant staffers surveyed do not receive any kind of health insurance from their employers and 87% do not receive any sick days. As a result, these workers have little choice but to keep serving our food while sick.

As if that’s not bad enough, the survey also found that nearly half of all workers have been cut on the job and 45% have been burned. So not only is your food being handled by staffers who are potentially sick, but they may also be touching your food with fresh wounds.

The downside of this is obvious from a consumer perspective, as it poses a clear health risk. But the main point of the study is to emphasize the need to provide these workers with paid sick time and better access to some form of health insurance, which would make us all safer.

So if the idea of providing health care for low-wage workers didn’t already resonate with your heart, this study should hopefully make it resonate with your gut.

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