Morning Deals: Nook Color for $179


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Barnes and Noble is currently offering its Nook Color for just $179 via eBay, discounted from the usual $200. The device is new, not refurbished, and the color e-reader has much of the functionality of a tablet, though it lacks the power of the $250 Nook Tablet. It’s not clear how long the deal will last.

If you get the Nook Color, why not use it to read some classic comic books? Comixology, an online retailer of digital comics, is currently holding a massive sale, selling hundreds of comic book issues for 99 cents each. That’s marked down from the usual back-issue price of $1.99. Included in the sale are many classic Batman stories, including the first five issues of Gotham Central and the four issues comprising the classic story Batman: Year One. There are also many back issues of Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men comics, as well as comics from smaller publishers. The sale lasts through 11 p.m. EST on Friday.

Daily deal site offers four movie tickets via Fandango for just $24, which means each ticket is just $6. The deal gives you a voucher for four tickets up to $12 each in value, and if your tickets are more expensive you’ll have to pay the difference. Note that you don’t have to use all four tickets at once, as you can use the voucher to buy two sets of two tickets. The tickets won’t be available until the promotion ends on Jan. 3.

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