Mickey Mouse Deal: Disney Hikes Park Fees


Vacationing families can expect to shell out more to set foot in the Magic Kingdom or any other Disney World or Disneyland attraction from now on.

Disney (Stock Quote: DIS) has hiked its one-day ticket prices to $79 per ticket at Walt Disney World, from $75, and $68 for kids aged 3 to 9, up $5 per ticket, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Multiday-ticket prices will also rise by as much as about 5%.

In addition, a “park hopper” feature that allows visitors entry into more than one Disney park in one day has increased to $52 from $50. A five-day park-hopper pass, one of the most popular ticket options, rose nearly 3% to $280.   While the ticket price hikes hit vacationing families harder, Disney's latest price hike is not as aggressive as other increases in recent years, the Sentinel says.

Disney may offer free entry to its theme parks and free meals to those staying at Disney-owned hotels for four nights or more, according to WalletPop, but the hotels often charge about three times as much as hotels outside of the Disney resorts.

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