Miami Condo Raffled for Charity


A Florida couple is being creatively charitable in the raffle to sell their Miami Beach condo. The housing market has prevented Tim Suereth and Diane Thorne from selling their waterfront 850-square-foot condo, equipped with new floors, new cabinets, a pool, and a courtyard. So they came up with a bright idea to pay off their mortgage while raising money for a charity they organized for wounded war veterans.

Raffle tickets are being sold for $100, and if at least 5,000 tickets are sold, the condo will be "sold" to one ticket holder. If $500,000 isn't raised, they'll keep the condo and split whatever money they do raise between a winner and their charity, called Veterans Retreat. But if the minimum is met, the couple will use the $500,000 to pay off their mortgage and buy a retreat in the Florida Keys where wounded veterans can relax for free. What do you think of this concept?


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