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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

Story #1 -  6 Inexpensive Egg Dishes
One of the best indicators of financial stress for the average consumer is what they are eating. In times of hardship, casual dining restaurants suffer as many citizens save money by preparing meals at home. As an extreme example, this article shows all the nutritional and financial benefit from cooking some simple egg meals.

Story #2 –Extreme Real Estate: Live In A Lighthouse
Why not awaken your inner sense of adventure and love for the sea with the purchase of a beautiful historic lighthouse? After one such example went on the market in England for $700k, inquiries stateside began to pop up. This article takes a look at how the purchase of a lighthouse can be relatively inexpensive, but the renovation costs might make you think twice before taking vigil of the coastline.

Story #3 – The Rich Are Getting Un-Richer
As the stock market declines and the upper echelons of wealth get a reality check, there is becoming a noticeable trend in the high-end fashion scene. This article examines whether it’s possible for the new cultural lifestyle bellwether to be a 35-year old mother of 2 with a midlevel management job in Kansas City.

Story #4 – Your Guide To Government Auctions

$11 for an electric oven in Iowa? $25 for furniture in Ohio? And only $5 for a wooden dresser in Arkansas? The only place you’ll find prices like this are the government auctions popping up across the country. This article examines where to find these treasure troves and gives you some helpful tips on how to win out when you get there.

Story #5 – Laid Off? Get A Refund!
Consumers aren’t going to feel safe spending their hard-earned cash in this economy unless they have a solid guarantee they won’t be regretting it if they get fired. MainStreet took a look at some of the best refunds available to average consumers in the event of a layoff. With the right documentation, you could get a full cash refund on your cancelled vacation cruise or, even better, you could get a full refund and also keep that new suit you just bought. After all, you’ll need it for your upcoming job interviews.

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