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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our six top stories from this week:

1. How Much Car Can You Really Afford?
This is not another article on Cash for Clunkers – but it is designed to help you figure out how much car you can actually afford, if you decide to opt for a new car over your old clunker. The formula is an easy one, and useful to know before you walk into a dealership.

2. 5 New Cars Under $12,000
If you want to get cash for giving up your clunker but you’re not sure you can afford to buy a new car, we’ve spotted a few models for which the $4,500 incentive amounts to more than a third of the sticker price.

3. DIY: Back-to-School Snuggies
Think outside of the Snuggie! Demand for a blanket with arms will increase as the weather get colder, but if you’re prone to spending too much money on infomercials then you should consider making your own personalized version.

4. Extreme Real Estate: Converted Firehouses
Restoring and re-purposing outdated and historic buildings, such as old firehouses is not only popular, it also helps to preserve the integrity and historic continuity of a community.

5. Should You Pay Extra for Angus Beef?
Whether you’re cooking at home or stopping at a local fast food spot, is Angus beef worth the extra money? And since every other restaurant (including McDonald’s and Burger King) seems to be touting it, what the heck does the Angus designation even mean?

Summer BBQ Bonus Story:

6. Grilling the Perfect Chicken
Chicken, it turns out, is far more difficult to grill properly than the ubiquitous steaks, chops and kebabs. Luckily, with just a few tips, you can grill chicken like a pro.

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