MainStreet's Most Popular Stories of the Week


In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

1.) Stearing Clear of Credit Card Bad Behaviors

Here's something credit card companies don’t want you to know: they’re not above taking a peek at what you’ve purchased on your credit card. Find out why charging your bill at Wal-Mart could be viewed as a red flag.

2.) 4 More Employers with Great Part-Time Benefits

If you can only work part-time, here's a bit of good news: the number of part-time jobs with benefits has increased 81% since November 2007. Here are four companies that will give you health insurance and other benefits and they are hiring right now.

3.) Recall Watch: Shoes Pose Choking Hazard

These Buster Brown Clog Children’s Shoes hype, among other things, Transformers, but they can also turn hazardous real quick. Read about a 1.4 million kids’ shoe recall and what about the shoe poses a choking hazard.

4.) Cut Carbon Footprints, Save Green

Going green can do more than help save the planet. It can save and make you money.
Here's how to take stock of your carbon footprint, learn how to reduce it, and possibly make some green in the process.

5.) In These Coffee Wars, Consumers Win

McDonald’s is working hard to lure coffee drinkers away from Starbucks, and Dunkin' Donuts is also looking to keep their brew moving, too. Read how this bean battle could definitely work to your benefit and save you money!

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