MainStreet's Most Popular Stories of the Week


In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

1.) Is AOL Ripping Off Your Mom?
Plenty of parents (and non-parents) have unwittingly been paying for something that’s free, AOL's email service. MainStreet asks the hard questions about shady billing practices.

2.) When Cookbooks Aren't in the Budget
With time and money in short supply, the net has become an increasingly popular source for free recipes; and there are certainly plenty to choose from. So, among the millions of indiscriminate recipes floating in the cyber-soup, how do you know which to spoon-up? MainStreet tells you how.

3.) Get a Piece of Green Job Growth
Regardless of the current color of your collar, green jobs are in growth mode. Here’s what you need to know to secure your piece of the $20 billion from President Obama’s economic stimulus bill being devoted to green jobs.

4.) Weekly Flight Deals
Are you looking to fly away in a flash this coming weekend? Got $30? Here are flight deals this week that can save you money.

5.) The Lessons of Michael Jackson's Estate Secrets
Michael Jackson's estate planning demonstrates why you need to do more than write a simple will. You don't need to live in Neverland to appreciate the value of setting up a living trust. Not doing so is not just Bad, it's downright Dangerous.

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