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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

Story #1 - The 7 Best Part-Time Jobs

As times get tougher, a little additional income seems like a great idea. But why would you want to get stuck working at the usual local haunts earning chump change? We took a look at 7 of the best part-time jobs going around right now. Take our advice and go after these solid ways to spend some of your time.

Story #2 –  5 Steps to Finding Your Tax Preparer
It's that time of the year again and to help all those fretting over how to get their stimulus check, file correctly, avoid an audit and get it all done on time, we've assembled these 5 helpful tips to get the right professional help.

Story #3 – Cancel Your AmEx, Score $300
You may have seen the eye-grabbing headline this week about American Express paying customers to cancel their credit card accounts. Sounds like a good deal, right? We analyzed the finer points of this transaction to make sure unknowingly consumers don't fall for any of the potential hidden costs or 'taxable income' traps. 

Story #4 – Scam Busters: The Quiznos 'Free Sub' Coupon
Nothing gets people moving faster than the promise of a free lunch. After we posted a link to the Quiznos 'free sub' coupon, we began to hear back from readers angry they were not allowed to redeem coupons at their local restaurant. MainStreet got to the bottom of this unlikely 'scam' and asked the tough questions.

Story #5 – Higher Ed Hidden Gems: American University of Beirut
The American University of Beirut is a top-notch foreign college that may get quickly overlooked as a potential spot to spend 4 years of higher learning. That's unfortunate because we crunched the numbers on the school's tuition and living expenses and found an institution with a great reputation at a fraction of the cost of private domestic universities.

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