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President Obama's inauguration made headlines this week including on MainStreet, where smart budget tips and getting the most for your money is always on the top of our lists. Here are our top stories for the week of January 19:

STORY #1. – Cramer: Tips on Finding the Best Mortgage Rate
Our own Jim Cramer is a wealth of knowledge. This week he laid the groundwork for finding the best rates for prospective homebuyers by highlighting the useful calculators on sister site BankingMyWay.

STORY #2. – Higher Ed. Hidden Gem: Bellevue Community College
Cramer also kept the financial advice train moving with his “School of Shock” article on the how to keep on top of student loan repayments. Speaking of student loans, Farnoosh Torabi reports that a high-priced degree is not always a ticket to success when bargain schools like Bellevue Community College, near Seattle, offer so much value (not to mention connections with nearby Microsoft).

STORY #3. – Obama Rolls to White House in 'Cadillac One' by GM
This historic week would not be complete without mention of Obama’s inauguration. While we await the President’s action to aid the American auto industry, we took a closer look at Barack’s wheels on his big day.

STORY #4. – Resale Value Faceoff: Craigslist vs. EBay vs. Consignment
Everyone knows now is as good a time as ever to sell some of their old stuff, but the question remains "Where should you sell to get the best price?" To find out, MainStreet investigated the pros and cons of three of your best bets. 

STORY #5. – 6 Ways to Start a Personal Budget
And finally, what week chock full of personal finance would be complete without some motivation for finally starting that personal budget in 2009? Once you get started, keep coming back to MainStreet for advice on how to stay on track.



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