MainStreet Spending Index: Wal-Mart vs. Target


Walmart (WMT) continues to increase its substantial edge in visits per customer per month over rival Target (TGT). In November, Walmart’s visits per month (per customer) held steady from the previous month at 3.12, up 5% from its November 2007 value of 2.95. Meanwhile, Target’s visits per month per customer dropped 6% from October (from 2.49 to 2.33) and is now 2% below its November 2007 average of 2.37. This data was compiled by Geezeo’s Main Street Spending Index (MSSI).

In terms of how much each customer spends when they visit the store, Walmart is winning as well with an average of $56.14 for Walmart (up 4% from November 2007) and $54.47 for Target (down 8% from November 2007). The gap did narrow slightly this month, as Target gained 3% from October’s $52.74 and Walmart gained less than 1% from $55.91.

Primarily due to the greater number of visits by its customers, Walmart has a huge edge in customer spend per month. Walmart (at $175.56) gained a fraction of 1% from last month’s $174.80 and November 2007’s $174.15. Meanwhile, Target has been seeing steady declines as it fell 3% from October’s average of $131.36 to November’s $127.12. This represented a decline of more than 9% from last November’s $141.08.

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