MainStreet Spending Index: Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts


Customers are going to Starbucks (SBUX) 28% more than they were a year ago. The average customer visited Starbucks 3.7 times a month in November compared to 2.9 times a month last November. Comparably, that is 20% more than the 3.1 visits per month for Dunkin Donuts customers. Dunkin Donuts lead the visits per month war last November with 3.1 monthly visits compared to 2.9 visits for Starbucks customers. This data was compiled by Geezeo's Main Street Spending Index.

In addition to visiting more, Starbucks customers spend more per visit.  Starbucks customers spent $6.36 per visit compared to $5.92 per visit at Dunkin Donuts. Both coffee shops have seen increases in the average spend per visit in the last year.  In November 2007, Starbucks customers spend $5.97 a month, while Dunkin Donuts customers spent 5.00.

This leads to an average monthly spend of $23.37 for Starbucks customers, a 29% increase over the $18.09 Dunkin Donuts customers are spending per month. Individually, both companies have seen impressive year over year growth.  Starbucks customers are spending 36% more from a year ago. The huge spike is a result of increasing both the number of times their customers shop at Starbucks and the amount they spend at each visit. Dunkin Donuts customers are spending 17% more per month than last year.

So far the economic woes haven’t slowed down people’s thirst for coffee. Expect Starbuck’s to show continued growth as people treat themselves to smaller items like fresh brewed coffee, and cut back on larger ticket items like dining out.

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