MainStreet Speaks: Airport Anger, Beauty School Stimulus and More


Recently, MainStreet’s coverage of credit card changes and travel woes, among other stories, inspired some impassioned commentary from some of readers. Here are some of the most helpful, enthusiastic and amusing posts.

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Story #1: Credit Card Limit Cuts: The Surprising Truth

HappenedToME: "I've had two department cards (Kohls+Banana Republic/Gap). Both were $500+ limits and paid off every statement. Twice have I been at the register with a declined card. Not because I don't pay my bills. Not because I have bad credit but because they reduced my credit card limit…Do they care how embarrassing that is? Their reasoning was because I bought a house and car and they thought I over-extended myself. Shame on them, I would spend minimal $400 at their stores each time and pay the bill off at the end of the month. Needless to say, I closed my cards and now pay cash somewhere else."

cannabal: "Instead of allowing them to charge 33% interest and making bankruptcy impossible how about making them cut their interest rate to 8% and cut out all the fee's [sic]...this is like legal loan sharking, what's the difference..."

Story #2: Is This Airport the Worst in the World?

MainStreet Guest: "Service is nonexistent and the customer is the enemy. I remember when 'Fly the Friendly Skies' was United's slogan. Now they could care less."

Capt. Thomas: "My advice is to settle for a small Class B airport in the local area which would be Newark…It handles somewhat less passenger traffic and is a lot easier on the nerves."

Story #3: Travelers: What We Hate Most About Travel Sites

Alan Wilson: "Try some of the more generic travel sites that aren't so heavily subsidized, like or for the romantic,"

Story #4: United Airlines, Shamed Again

MainStreet Guest: "'Ninety-nine percent of customer bags are delivered without incident.' Hmmmmm!! Let's do the math! Let's just say that there are 100 passengers per flight and they average 2 bags per passenger. That means that at least 2 bags per flight are mishandled. And how many hundreds of flights per day does United fly? We are now in the ball park of a thousand mishandled bags per day!"

Story #5 - New College Rankings: Harvard Gets a D

MainStreet Guest: "I went to SUNY Institute of Technology for Computer Science and it was rather inexpensive. You think, New York! State Institute of Technology... so it has to be like MIT, Georgia Tech, CalTech... right? WRONG... In this case, you get what you paid for. SUNY Utica/Rome (aka SunyIT) was the worst school I'd ever gone to (I've transferred between schools) and when I describe how the courses are... my friends in other Computer science schools point and laugh... and my degree was not accredited. For COMPUTER SCIENCE! How could that NOT be accredited???...So word from the wise... the addition of "Institute of Technology" to a state college's name, and a low tuition does not make for a good college or educational experience."

Story #6: 6 Months of Stimulus: What We've Learned

BeautyStim: "Just click on any number of counties on the stimulus tracker link and you'll see numerous grants to beauty schools. Apparently, that's how we are going to get out of this funk - create a whole generation of hairdressers. There must be a shortage of hairdressers - I tried to call for an appointment the other day and was told I'd have to get a referral from a government review panel!"

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