MainStreet Explains: What is the Netflix Player by Roku?


The Netflix (NFLX) Player debuted on May 21, allowing users to instantly view thousands of movies and shows on their TV screens after purchasing the device.  The player from Roku will stream off and adapt them to play on your TV screen.  MainStreet’s excited about this new gadget because…

…if you own a Mac (AAPL), you could not instantly watch Netflix movies on your laptop.  Thousands of flicks and shows were instantly available for viewing to PC owners who logged into Netflix.  But not Mac owners!  With the Netflix Player by Roku, which connects to your television set, anyone can watch instantly provided that they have a high-speed Internet connection.

…you can actually watch good stuff.  Episodes of 30 Rock (GE), Heroes and The Office, and movies like Mean Girls (VIA) and La Vie en Rose, are all available for instant viewing.  The best part is you can watch instantly with no extra fees added to your monthly Netflix charge.

…the Roku player is only $99.  If you live in a major city like New York, where a movie ticket can cost more than $10, watching instantly viewed movies with your better half will pay for itself after only five viewings.
Where can you get one?  Click here to visit Roku’s site.

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