Lost Finale Hits Hawaii Hard


Unless you’ve been living alone on an island for the past year, you probably know that the series finale of Lost aired last night. The plot of the Lost finale ended up aggravating a number of fans, but early estimates show that the episode got strong (though not fantastic) ratings. And the finale, which lasted two and a half hours, was undoubtedly a money maker for ABC, as there were more than 100 commercials aired.

While most Lost fans are scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened on the final episode (and most Lost haters are scratching their heads wondering why people still care about the show), one group seems to be especially sad to say goodbye to Lost: Hawaiians.

For those who don’t know, Lost focuses on a cast of characters who have survived a plane crash only to end up on an island with paranormal significance. The show is filmed in Hawaii and during the past six seasons, the series has funneled a good amount of money into Hawaii’s economy and small businesses.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the show “was a rare island of stability in an otherwise erratic industry. The state hadn't had a long-running production since ‘Magnum, P.I.’ shut down in 1988 after eight seasons.”

Pacific Island Products, a Hawaiian company that makes foam goods, earned $450,000 from the show by supplying foam to make the sets. The show hired nearly 800 locals to be stagehands and security guards and others like Ed Kos have launched successful Lost tours, which catered to lost fans.

Last year, 3,800 people took Mr. Kos's ‘Lost’ tours ranging in price from $139 to $209 per person,” the Journal reports. Kos and others hope that fans of the show will continue to flock to Hawaii for years to come, but they are still sorry to see the cast leave the island for good.

Hawaii needs all the help it can get. The state's unemployment rate has improved recently, but still sits at close to 7%. But more importantly, Hawaii is wrestling with a serious budget crisis that has forced it to cancel a special election and make cuts to schools.

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