Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade Over Drunk Baby Inference


As reported by DailyFinance, “Three days after Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan filed a $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade (Stock Quote: ETFC) for unlawfully using her likeness and name during a Super Bowl commercial, the online brokerage has finally responded -- and it isn't backing down.”

What did they say, exactly? “’While E-Trade doesn't typically comment on pending litigation, we felt it appropriate given the high level of interest in the E-Trade Baby,’ a company spokesperson said in a statement. ‘With the E-Trade Baby, our advertising campaign is meant to be witty and memorable, while effectively communicating the powerful investing tools and services offered by E-Trade.’

‘We believe the claims are without merit and we intend to defend ourselves vigorously in this case,’ the spokesperson said.”

Here’s what happened: Earlier this week Lindsay filed her $100 million lawsuit against the online brokerage firm for allegedly using her super-famous name and likeness without permission. One of the E-Trade babies in their Super Bowl commercial happens to be called “Lindsay” and is referred to as a “milkaholic.” Decide for yourself: here’s a video clip of the commercial.

It’d be kind of funny if it weren’t so sad. The accusation that the commercial features her likeness seems to be based on the idea that any character named Lindsay – no matter how young – who is accused of being an addict of some kind, is obviously based on Lindsay Lohan. So either Lindsay is totally owning her reputation for being – well – a drunk, or she’s just getting really bad advice.

As a colleague pointed out, we think the Feds have a better shot at winning a lawsuit against E-Trade on the grounds that their commercials promote child labor—those babies are way too young to be day trading.

Seriously, though, I can relate to Lindsay’s anger. When I went on a school trip to Italy in high school, I was shocked and outraged that Michelangelo had stolen my name and physical likeness for his “David” statue. What a hack.

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