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You’ve heard of entrepreneurs but, have you heard of mompreneurs?

Mompreneurs are business-minded mothers who develop their own from-home-business after giving birth. When it comes to working and taking care of their children, these visionary women have found ways to have their cake, and eat it too (from the comfort of their own kitchen, natch).

Sometimes, the idea for a business is a direct result of becoming a mother. "After I gave birth, there really wasn’t a lot of information on how to restore your body after childbirth," says Helene Byrne, a mompreneur and founder of Be-Fit Mom. Be Fit Mom is a website that provides information about prenatal and postpartum fitness.Other mompreneurs, like Jennifer Tankersley and Denise DiCaprio, also develop business plans to improve their lives and the lives of other moms. Tankersley started List Plan It, a subscription website that gives moms and others access to more than 300 life-organizing lists and planning resources. DiCaprio launched Peonies Baby Slings after she was unable to find a stylish sling to aid in breastfeeding her son.

Not only have these mothers created companies they feel passionate about, they also keep home offices, and that allows them to be hands-on moms even at work. Tankersley brings her children to the bus stop in the morning and picks them up from school. Instead of having to find time to be a mom in her work schedule, she finds time to work in her mom schedule. Such flexibility is rare in the corporate world. "You never have to justify sneaking out at 11 a.m. to go to your kids preschool for show and tell," adds Byrne. "It also allows a tremendous amount of flexibility when the children get sick."

While running a business from home often allows moms to stay more engaged in their children’s lives, starting a new business is not always easy. "This isn’t something just to pass the time," says Tankersley. "You have to know what you are getting yourself into." Successful mompreneurs do their homework. Byrne says that the most important thing for beginning mompreneurs is to educate themselves on anything about their business will include. "You need to read everything there is to know about the subject," she says. "Educate yourself about online marketing, search engine optimization and website making." To that end, Byrne, Tankersley and DiCaprio all use Google AdWords (GOOG) to advertise their sites on the Web. DiCaprio's host, Merchant Moms, also helped her design and build her website.

And, even though corporate challenges and child rearing duties abound ("I get a lot done during nap time," says Tankersley), these mothers agree that at home businesses are best for them. "Being a momprenuer allows you a way to live by your own value system," says Byrne. "And to raise your kids in a way that is appropriate for you."

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