Labor Day Shopping: Best And Worst Deals This Weekend


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When the grilling is done, let the shopping begin. Americans will do their share of burning hot dogs, riding roller coasters and baking on the beach – but millions will be bargain hunting, too. The long Labor Day weekend can be an end-of-summer shoppers' ally, if you know where the best deals are.

Consumer Reports says some of the best bargains to be found this holiday weekend include products ending their seasonal run. Bicycles are one good example. While many parts of the country offer spectacular fall weather for cycling, summer clearance sales can be found on all classes of bikes: from road to mountain, to comfort and commuting bicycles.

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Gas grills are another closeout item you are likely to find on sale this weekend. And it may not be on your free time fun list, but lawn mowers are usually being pushed by retailers this time of the year, too. While you're in the garden supplies department of your favorite home store, you will probably see sale prices on plants, flowers and shrubs. And while snow blowers are probably the last thing on your mind, you can save a pile this weekend before they become a must-have item.

Technology is still riding back-to-school discount momentum and deals can be had on electronic devices like MP3, DVD and Blu-ray players, according to Consumer Reports. Digital cameras are also seeing price cuts.

Plus, the Labor Day holiday is traditionally a big weekend for car dealers, as they discount current-year models while 2015 inventory begins arriving.

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"Labor Day discounts are historically some of the most generous seen throughout a given year and this year's promotions should be among the best in recent memory," Mike Stanton, vice president & COO of the NADA Used Car Guide, said in a release. NADA reports that both Ford and GM are offering 0% financing for 72 months on many of their most popular models, while Nissan and Toyota are promoting free financing for 60-month terms.

The automobile buyers' guide also says some of the biggest discounts this year will be found in the popular compact and midsize car segments.

Mattresses, bedding and furniture are popular sales items ahead of the fall and winter nesting season. And summer clothing and shoes are marked down in anticipation of the change in weather. But according to DealNews, don't be tempted by the racks of new fall clothing. The shopping site says October is the best time for autumn apparel deals.

And with football season kicking off, you may be considering a new big screen TV as a Labor Day purchase. DealNews says wait a couple of months, at least, for the best prices – November and right after Black Friday are when you'll find the lowest prices on televisions.

--Written by Hal M. Bundrick for MainStreet

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