Kosher Recipes You Can Use for Easter Too


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Let’s say your Jewish friend invited you to his Passover seder this year, and now you want to return the favor by inviting him to your Easter Sunday dinner. But wait! It’s still going to be Passover this weekend, which means that this Easter dinner is going to be different from all other Easter dinners. It’s got to be kosher for Pesach, and that means no leavened bread (and no pork, of course). At least there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what constitutes an Easter dinner to work around.

To find out how to crack this nut – or this hard-boiled Easter egg, as the case may be – we turned to Lauren Salkeld, senior editor at

“It’s not like Thanksgiving where you have to have turkey,” Salkeld points out. Obviously ham is out of the question, but she notes that lamb is popular for both Easter and Passover, and that salmon and halibut are also appropriate for both. Still, remember that if your Jewish guest is keeping strict kosher, that means that you can’t have dairy and meat as part of the same meal.

We’d recommend this braised lamb with horseradish and parsley recipe – the meat’s kosher, there’s no dairy in sight, and the horseradish adds a little Seder flair to the proceedings.

Now how about the side dishes?

“It’s timed perfectly for the arrival of spring vegetables, so I would probably put a big focus on that,” she says. “Fruits and vegetables tend not to have kosher restrictions.” Of course, you can also have non-kosher, bread-based side dishes for those who aren’t keeping kosher.

We recommend this simple grilled asparagus recipe that uses olive oil and kosher salt. And you can also make some mashed potatoes with extra virgin olive oil to go with it – remember, if you make it with butter the strict kosher Jews won’t eat it with meat.

That brings us to dessert, which is where you’re going to run into the most difficulty, as the usual dessert fare like cake and brownies isn’t kosher for Passover. Salkeld recommends coconut macaroons, and I’m inclined to agree – they’re one of the great pleasures of Passover. This recipe from Epicurious looks solid.

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