Kids Route Flights at JFK, Dad May Be Fired


While it may be fun for parents to bring their kids to work, there are certain jobs where that probably isn’t a very good idea. If you work as a police man or an EMT, your putting your kids in the line of fire. And if you’re an air traffic controller, you put the lives of others in danger. Obvious, right? Apparently not.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently announced that an air traffic controller at JFK brought his two children to work with him last month and allowed them to direct seven outgoing flights. No planes crashed, but the announcement has had many up in arms.

“This lapse in judgment not only violated F.A.A.’s own policies, but common sense standards for professional conduct. These kinds of distractions are totally unacceptable,” one FAA administrator told the New York Times. The FAA has since banned children from entering “air traffic operational areas.”

A recording of the children speaking with pilots has also surfaced. According to the Times, “On the recording, a young boy tells a pilot he’s “cleared for takeoff,” and the pilot tells him he has done an “awesome job.” Another man, presumably the child’s father, says, “That’s what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.”

The father and his supervisor are currently suspended, and according to the New York Daily News, it is very likely that the father will lose his job soon.

So there you go, now there’s one more thing to worry about when flying. Although, truth be told, even with kids directing flight traffic, it’s still probably safer to fly from JFK than Newark, where there have allegedly been a ton of close calls on the runway.

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