Jetpacks Available… Only $90K


Forget about buying a Porsche… now when you have a mid-life crisis you can purchase an actual jetpack.

Martin Aircraft Company, based in New Zealand, is now accepting online orders for what’s being billed as the world’s first affordable commercial jetpack. Yes, it's pretty close to what you dreamed of as a kid. The only problem is it costs about $90,000. I guess affordable is a relative term. After all, a single flight on a space ship is apparently worth $200K, so maybe unlimited rides with a jetpack for less than half that isn’t too shabby.

The jetpack is made mostly of carbon fiber and a little bit of Kevlar. It runs entirely on gas (nothing fancy) and rather than having flames shoot out all around you, there are rotors on each side that propel you upward. You probably won't be able to touch the sky with this, but the jetpack can reach 63 mph and travel up to 31.5 miles in a single go. Sure, that won’t exactly take you all the way to your fortress of solitude in the arctic circle, but as CNET notes, that could make for one awesome commute.

According to Wired, the jetpack “classes as an ultralight aircraft, so you don’t need a pilot’s license to fly.” But the company still insists that you “undergo training” before using the jetpack. Wired reports that “there are some safety features, though. If the engine dies, a parachute pops out like an airbag in a car, so the only thing you need worry about is crashing into passing planes.” That’s so… comforting.

If you can stomach the risk and foot the bill, Martin asks that you be able to pay 10 percent up front and be prepared for as much as a 12-month wait (What do you expect? It’s a jetpack. Everyone wants one.) The company plans to start distributing the jetpacks by the end of this year. Check for more details.

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