Is It Illegal Not to Tip?


Ever had such bad service at a restaurant that you just wanted to leave without paying the tip, but wondered what would happen if you did?

Well, earlier this month, a group of college students went out to a local pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Apparently, the service was terrible and it took more than an hour just to get an order of chicken wings. On top of that, the group had to fetch their own silverware and drinks because their waitress had vanished into thin air.

So when the bill arrived, the group was shocked to see a $16 gratuity charge automatically added on.

"That was sort of the breaking point where this is ridiculous. We shouldn't have to pay for this poor service and we shouldn't have to pay this extra money," one member of the group said, according to ABC.

The group decided then and there to pay the bill but not the tip. However, when they handed the partial payment to one of the servers, the restaurant’s staff were not pleased and called the police before the group could leave. Two students were arrested and charged with theft of services.

"I was sitting in the back of a cop car and I was like this is really happening? I actually just got arrested for not paying a tip!" one of the students said, according to ABC.

The arrest brought a lot of bad press to the county police department. Most experts echoed the sentiments of the students, claiming that it was a misstep by police. Now, nearly two weeks later, DailyFinance reports that the charges against the students have been dropped.

Turns out you can get away with not tipping. But man, what a hassle it is. Better to leave the tip in nickels, submerged in a glass of maple syrup.

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