Introducing The Stockpick Whiz Kid, Max Levin


NEW YORK (MainStreet) —At the young age of 11, I started watching and investing in the stock market. I was originally introduced to the market by my grandfather, who was retired with a lot of time on his hands. He was an amazing teacher who schooled me in everything that a young investor needs to know. This included graphing, dividends, mutual funds, options, and trading techniques. Even though it was a hobby of his and he didn't trade on such a large scale, I was still mesmerized by how he created revenue by buying and selling stocks on a daily basis. Since I could not drive and had only a minimal amount of funding at such a young age, I thought that trading in the stock market would be a perfect business.

From the moment I learned about the stock market, all I wanted to do was make money. As time accumulated, so did the funding in my portfolio. I knew at a very young age what I wanted my future to look like. I would always ask people what they did for a living and wanted to know how they got to a certain level of success.

By the age of 13, while in middle school, I talked, walked, slept, and ate financial data. I followed the stock market from opening to close, watching trends and current data to make my next stock pick. My investing strategy was more on a long-term basis, buying and holding for a couple of months. I enjoyed giving people my opinion of stocks and financial data from all of the research and knowledge that I had gained.

It was not until the last year of middle school that I started investing in the stock market full on. Even though I attended school full time, I traded the stock market from an application on my cell phone, trying to hit every opportunity that arose. I would skim books on how to read charts in depth and started to invest in many different sectors within the market.

During the summers I took part in internships that only enhanced my knowledge in specific financial fields. I am always looking for new businesses that I could be part of in the future. By taking advantage of these opportunities, it only gave additional motivation towards that specific financial business.

As a high school freshman in New Jersey, I play lacrosse and am a member of the debate and mock trial teams. I also started my own company called, an online forum where the average person can post and comment about different investments and stocks. This is a resource for new investors and market enthusiasts. We supply the “101 in Stock Picks.” From there I gathered recognition by numerous media sources, and it was evident that there was a need for such a service.

With my experience in the stock market and perspective as someone from a youthful generation, I started writing articles for my contemporaries to introduce new investors to the market. This day and age, many twentysomethings are scared to dip a toe in the stock market or simply unaware of how to go about getting started. I’m here in my columns to allay those fears and provide some education on how to make prudent trades. They may call me the "Stockpick Whiz Kid,” but I am just a high school student who lives for the stock market.

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