IHOP Cooks Up New Bacon Burger


IHOP introduced a number of new items for its fall menu Monday, including a burger with bacon in it. No, not on it. In it.

Since the dawn of time, restaurants have delighted customers by putting bacon on top of their hamburgers, complementing the fatty ground beef with even fattier strips of cured pork belly. But the positioning has always remained constant: the bacon goes on top with all the other toppings. Even when Wendy’s introduced the Baconator, the blanket of bacon on top of the patties still felt more like a topping than the main event.

Now the International House of Pancakes, which earlier this month started a “pancake revolution,” is letting bacon share center stage with the beef. Rather than put the bacon on top, IHOP will chop it up and blend it with the ground beef for its new line of Bacon ‘N Beef Burgers. The line will also include a new take on the classic Bacon and Egg Cheeseburger, though we will have to wait and see if that means additional bacon on top of the already bacon-infused beef patty.

So why the new arrangement? A press release from IHOP touted the new burgers as “juicy and delicious with bacon flavor in every bite.” While most traditional bacon burgers already have bacon flavor in every bite, it does stand to reason that putting the bacon inside will make the patties even juicier thanks to an increase in fat content.

Other newcomers to IHOP’s evolving menu will include biscuits and gravy and Maui-Style Crunchy Shrimp. And in an apparent pre-emptive penance for the bacon bomb they’re dropping on the American public, the new menu also features such “Simple and Fit” items as Seasonal Fresh Fruit Crepes … though I’m sure you can get a side of bacon with that if you ask.

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