How Unemployed Folks Get Fit for Free


Been fired? Why not get fired up to run 23 miles!

You'd have a lot of company.

People who are non-voluntarily taking time out from the rat race, are increasingly hitting the treadmill, the track or the open road to train for regular races. And the results can benefit at least your bottom. (A physical exercise regimen, one that is approved by a certified fitness or medical professional, is after all, healthy.)

According to the Wall Street Journal: "Marathons, triathlons and road races are filling up in record time." The reason? More jobless folks have more time on their hands. According to the Journal, participation in Marathons is up 5% this year and certain races are filling up in a flash: the New York City Triathlon booked up in less than a half hour this year. Last year it took eight hours.

Running can be a great stress reducer, and compared to other sports and fitness plans, the participation costs can be very low (beyond a great pair of comfortable running shoes).

Are you interested in getting your run on?

Consider joining a running club. Clubs can be located online, or you can get a recommendation from your local gym, running specialty shop or recreation department.

A running partner can help you stay committed to a new training schedule.

Even if you don't start running races right away, consider volunteering at a local race, it can be a great way to network with other runners.

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