How to Earn Extra Cash


Few Americans can say their net worth's equal what they did this time last year, amid depreciating home values and sliding stock market.

Add that to an unpredictable job market and you have a nation eager for extra revenue streams. If your 9 to 5 fails to foot your bills, here are our favorite part-time jobs that work around your schedule.


This $30 billion dollar industry, according to Ernst and Young, attracts some 77 million Americans each year thanks to its flexible format. Avon ladies (Stock Quote: AVP) put this industry on the map back in the late 1800s. Today, direct sellers sell cosmetics, clothes, exercise equipment, food, magazine subscriptions, tools and more!

Consider giving up a weekend here or there to help out a neighborhood family. Babysitting rates for out-of-college young professionals can run around $10 to $15 per child per hour.

Speak a second language? Scored high on standardized tests? Have a teaching degree but can't make ends meet on a public school salary? Make money during your free evenings and weekends by offering up your skills to students in need. Leave no child behind, right?

How do you think Martha Stewart became a multi-million dollar home and garden maven? Catering and event planning from her Connecticut home while being a stay-at-home mom. That's how. Do you have a knack for cooking but don't know how to profit off of it? Kick off your part-time business by inviting neighbors, family and friends to your house for a free tasting session. Book appointments after they fall in love with your delicious menu.

Fitness Instructor
This is a great way to stay in shape and turn your free time into cash and with most gyms open around the clock and weekends, schedules are flexible. If you're already a fitness buff, inquire about teaching a part-time class at your local gym, YMCA or YWCA.

Freelance Writer

Sites like and regularly post freelance opportunities for skilled writers. But writing experience is not always necessary. If you are an expert in certain industry, such as a lawyer, doctor, teacher, engineer, advertising agent, then consider guest writing for business-to-business or industry trade magazines.

Web Site Designer
Every business needs a web site. Not all business owners, however, can afford to hire expensive web designers to create even a basic web site for them. If you have HTML skills or are fluent in web design, post your skills on or scour through the listings to find interested clients.

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