How The (Potential) Future First Ladies Balance Motherhood And Work


Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain are two super-achieving women with the potential to move into one of the nation’s most high powered positions: First Lady of the United States.

While the two obviously differ in their political beliefs, the women do share one important trait, they are mothers. McCain has four children, including an adopted daughter from Calcutta, while Obama has two daughters. Their successful efforts to balance work and motherhood, all while trying to get their husband elected to the highest public office (Obama has said her support for her husband "comes straight from my motherhood bones"), can be educational for any working mom.

The balancing act is not always easy: In a Mother’s Day interview with National Review Online McCain spoke about the hardships of keeping up with her children while working the campaign trail. “Well, I tell you, Blackberrys and cell phones make a huge difference," she said. "We didn’t have quite that advantage in 2000: Although I had one, they didn’t. So having e-mail and a Blackberry certainly helps me, but it’s hard. I like to see them, and lay eyes on them so I know everyone’s okay, and I don’t see them as much I’d like to."

Michelle Obama (who, if her husband were elected, would have the youngest children in the White House since the Kennedys) appeared as a guest host on The View (DIS) June 18 to talk about how she and her husband balance the election season and parenthood.

Obama, who has already made waves with her fashion sense, spoke about how her daughters, Sasha, 10, and Malia, 7, keep her and her 'high powered' husband grounded. They come home from school and don’t care what their parents have done that day to change the world. Instead they want to talk about soccer practice or their upcoming recital.

Craving more family face-time, understanding the universe from a child's perspective, relying on your partner to balance responsibilities, these are issues familiar to virtually all working mothers.

And, Obama's visit to the show has already resonated with parents. Joanne, a blogger at, says that there is a lot that mothers and daughters can take away from what Obama had to say. She writes:"I want my daughter know that women can do whatever they want, but that it's not all going to be handed to you and you've got to work for what you want. I also want my eight-year-old daughter to learn that there's nothing wrong with have opinions and being outspoken enough and confident enough to express them, even if others disagree."

Those thoughts are shared by Obama, who on The View, said her children have given her insight into changes that need to take place in the country, changes that she hopes her husband will get the chance to implement. She said that there needs to be more talk about accountability when it comes to raising kids. "Kids need role models. When that’s missing, it’s not good for the kids."

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