How to Make Your Own Sports Drink


High heat and humidity make any physical exertion a cause for sweating in the summer, but instead of wasting your money on sugary sports drinks to rehydrate, you can make your own, complete with natural flavoring and electrolytes.

Instead of opting for Gatorade (Stock Quote: PEP), Powerade (Stock Quote: KO) or other energy drinks, next time you’re too dehydrated to even salivate, try dissolving a quarter-cup of sugar and a quarter-teaspoon of salt in hot water, then adding a quarter-cup of orange juice, two tablespoons of lemon juice and three and a half cups of cold water to get all the nutrients you need from a sports drink, The New York Times suggests.

Electrolytes, which your body needs to function properly, come from sodium or salt – though in smaller quantities than the American diet usually has. That’s why sports drinks usually have sodium listed in their nutrition facts.

Sugar is added to your home-made sports drink to distract you from the salt, and during and after a workout, your body burns carbohydrates faster.  Juices add flavor to boring water, plus add vitamins and nutrients.

If you’re not exerting yourself much however, you might be better off with water, otherwise you may just be packing on pounds and decaying your teeth with sugar, according to the Times.

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