How to Cut Your Family's Hair Yourself


Most stylists recommend trimming hair at least once every six weeks to keep the hair healthy and the style looking neat. Depending on where you go, getting a haircut every six weeks can cost quite a bit. Even discount salons typically cost between $15 and $20, not including tip. That factors out to between $130 and $175 a year per person in your family.

In these lean times, you can save a big chunk of change by cutting your family’s hair yourself. This might seem like a daunting task, but if your family members have simple hairstyles, you’ll find it easier than you think.

Men’s Haircuts
The easiest men’s haircut to do at home is the simple buzz cut. First, invest in a good pair of clippers. You can buy clippers at Target (Stock Quote: TGT) or Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT) or any drugstore for about $20. Clippers typically come with length and blending guides to help you create the style. For one length all over, you just need one length guide. If you want to make the sides and the back shorter, you’ll likely need to use a blending guide. Follow the instructions that come with the clippers for how to blend different lengths. At the end of the cut, remove the guide and use just the clippers to clean up the edges and shave off stray hairs on the neck.

Hair Trims
Trimming hair is easy when the hair is the same length all over, but you need a good pair of sharp hair-cutting scissors. You can get these from your local beauty supply store and they cost about $20. Before cutting, make sure the hair is clean, detangled and wet. It’s easier to cut hair wet because it will stay in one place. Keep a spray bottle handy to wet the hair if it air dries as you cut it. Start the trim at the back of you head first by sectioning off a lower portion from ear to ear and pinning the rest of the hair up. Use your index and middle fingers to pull a one to two inch section of the hair tight and trim the excess. Create an even straight line across the bottom of the hair. Repeat with the next section of hair working progressively towards the crown of the head. For each subsequent section, cut the hair slightly longer so that hair curls under a bit when it’s dried.  Cut the bangs last and be sure to measure them longer than you think because the hair will shrink up when it dries. Measure them down to about eye level. If you need to cut more later you can, but if you cut bangs too short, there's nothing you can do but wait.

Tip: Schedule professional haircuts every six months or so to clean up the style. It’s easier to cut hair at home if you have a solid professional cut to use as a pattern.

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