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The position: World building and game designer for Infinity Ward

Location: Encino, Calif.

Job duties: Will design single-player or multiplayer game environments, with a specific emphasis on first-person shooter games. Responsible for creating and developing 3-D game levels using popular 3-D modeling tools and packages. Expected to be able to design environments with a realistic look and feel.

The company: Infinity Ward is a developer of video games, including the popular Call of Duty series.

Requirements: Requires strong game design skills. Must be able to analyze and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of recent games. Requires a serious passion for video games, specifically first-person shooter games for the PC or console systems. Must be able to collaborate with a team to create and refine gameplay mechanics. Applicants must be able to prioritize well and meet deadlines. Good communication skills are required, as job involves communicating progress updates to lead designer. Will be expected to show a portfolio of polished, playable 3-D levels, with an explanation of what substantial role you had in them. Drawing or art skills are a plus, as is programming experience.

Extra perks: If you're a "gamer," the perks of this job are probably obvious – you will get paid to spend your day creating worlds and scenes for some high-profile video games.

Interesting info: The company's developing tools are available for download online, for candidates who wish to create samples for their portfolio.

Other opportunities: Infinity Ward also needs a game scripter and a senior animator. In addition, they have an opening for a senior software engineer.

Apply online here.

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