Hot Job: Windsurfing Instructor at Club Med


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The position: Windsurfing instructor at Club Med

Location: Various locations in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean

Job duties: Teaches windsurfing classes, ranging from beginner to advanced, on a daily basis. Also required to rig, maintain and repair windsurfing equipment. Responsible for organizing weekly windsurfing regattas. Will also participate in a weekly windsurfing demonstration to encourage guests to try the activity.

The company: Created in 1950, Club Med now operates 90 villages in more than 40 countries and employs more than 22,500 people.

Requirements: Requires prior experience as a windsurfing instructor or a background as a competitor in the sport. Should have experience teaching both adults and children, plus rigging and repair knowledge. Preferred candidates will have CPR and first aid certification. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply. Experience related to sailing is a plus.

Extra perks: Club Med offers meals and accommodations for instructors.

Interesting info: The company offers in-house training programs such as Club Med University, which helps employees advance toward management posts.

Other opportunities: Club Med also needs instructors for tennis, scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling.

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