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The position: General Manager for the School of Rock

Location: New York City

Job duties: Runs the show "from ACDC to Zappa." Achieves enrollment, revenue and profit goals of the business. Manages all aspects of hiring and supervising staff, including music director and studio coordinator. Responsible for financial operations, marketing and customer service. Facilitates tours to prospective students and parents. Engages in music community outreach. Oversees all aspects of show production. Handles customer billing, collections and staff payroll. Maintains attractive merchandise displays, keeps accurate inventory and makes sure expenses stay within budget.

The company: School of Rock is a chain of centers that provides music education to kids, using a curriculum that teaches kids to play rock music in a fun and interactive way. The company operates 58 schools in 23 states.

Requirements: Must have at least six years of marketing, sales or customer service experience. Background must include significant experience involving the recruiting and management of staff. Should have strong business skills. Candidates who have experience running a small business are preferred. Must have financial experience or prior profit & loss responsibility. Requires excellent communication skills, good problem-solving abilities and ability to maintain composure under all circumstances. Passion and/or interest in music and the arts highly desirable.

Extra perks: Job involves recruiting guest artists and performers, so you will have the opportunity to interact with talented professional musicians and entertainers.

Interesting info: In addition to weekly rehearsals, students also perform together in a group at performance shows.

Other opportunities: They also need a digital marketing manager, music teachers and social media interns.

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