Hot Job: Electrician for St. Louis Metro Transit


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The position: Traction power electrician (MetroLink) for St. Louis Metro Transit

Location: St. Louis

Job duties: Performs highly skilled technical work in the inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and diagnostic analysis of all components of the MetroLink electrical traction power generation and distribution system. Also maintains other electrical systems such as train control systems including highway grade crossing warning signals. Diagnoses and corrects emergencies involving MetroLink electrical systems. Operates vehicles and equipment necessary to maintain and repair electrical systems, both on the road and on rail. Submits inspection and maintenance reports.

The company: Metro owns and operates the St. Louis public transportation system, and also oversees the operations of the St. Louis Downtown Airport, the Gateway Arch Transportation System and the Gateway Arch Riverboats.

Requirements: Requires considerable experience as a fully qualified electrician with railroad or transit substation and catenary systems. Prior to hiring, selected candidate must be able to pass mechanical, high-voltage electrical and electronic aptitude exams, which will include testing the ability to understand plans, schematics, operating and service manuals, as well as the ability to maintain and troubleshoot electrical systems. Knowledge or ability to learn first aid and safety procedures is a must. Requires a valid current Missouri or Illinois Class A commercial driver's license. Must be able to pass a DOT physical.

Extra perks: Metro offers flexible work schedules and free transportation.

Interesting info: The agency has more than 2,400 employees, all of whom may be subject to drug and alcohol testing during their employment.

Other opportunities: Metro is also seeking station mechanics, van operators, bus drivers and transit service managers. In addition, they need tour guides, galley workers, deckhands and bartenders for the Gateway Arch Riverfront.

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