Hot Job: Border Patrol Agent for the Feds


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The position: Border patrol agent for the Department of Homeland Security

Location: Varies; must be open to working in any duty location.

Job duties: Border patrol agents essentially have two main responsibilities: preventing terrorism and ensuring that all goods and people that enter the U.S. do so legally.

The company: The U.S. Border Patrol is the mobile law enforcement arm of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security. Established in 1924, the BP's main focus for decades was the prevention of the smuggling of illegal aliens. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, though, the department has devoted much of its energy toward fighting terrorism.

Requirements: Applicants must be under age 40, a U.S. citizen and resident, have a valid driver's license and be fluent in Spanish (or willing to become fluent in Spanish quickly). Agents must be willing to work long hours under arduous conditions, and must be proficient in the use of firearms. Must pass a thorough background check, along with a medical exam, fitness test and drug screening. May also be subjected to a polygraph test. Applicants may be rejected due to previous arrests/convictions, negative job history, excessive debts or financial issues, excessive use of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs. New applicants must successfully complete a 55-day paid training period at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in New Mexico, where they will receive instruction on immigration laws, marksmanship and other topics, as well as physical training.

Extra perks: The position comes with a full federal benefits package, plenty of paid overtime and a uniform allowance. There's also lots of opportunity for advancement or to work in a specialized position, such as dog handler.

Interesting info: The age restriction does not apply to candidates with veterans' preference. New hires go through a two-year internship type of program, after which they achieve full career appointment status.

Other opportunities: The Dept. of Homeland Security currently has lots of openings, including opportunities for electrical engineers, program analysts, import specialists and security inspectors.

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