Hot Job: 3-D Artist for Lucasfilm


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The position: 3-D story artist for Lucasfilm

Location: San Rafael, California

Job duties: Works with a team of artists to pre-visualize episodes based on the director's vision for an animated television series. Uses digital assets, including characters and backgrounds, to interpret a script as visualized by the director. Completes layouts of 3-D animated scenes and sequences from start to finish based on scripts and the director's input. Provides other concept artists with underlays and source art created in 3-D.

The company: Lucasfilm is an entertainment company founded by George Lucas in 1971. The company is most well known for its connection with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

Requirements: Requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience, plus two to three years of experience in feature film or television production. Requires extensive training in and/or strong demonstrable understanding of the principles of storytelling, art and film. Must have demonstrated proficiency in scene, shot, camera and character composition. A sense of comedic timing is a must. Modeling, lighting, texturing and animation experience are strongly desired. Candidates should have knowledge of terminology and techniques used in film, animation and visual effects, including basic knowledge of photography and camera lenses.

Extra perks: The company offers on-site meals, fitness center and on-site childcare. There is also a company store and free movie screenings for employees.

Interesting info: The company frequently hosts parties and get-togethers for employees at the Skywalker Ranch.

Other opportunities: The company is also seeking editors, animators, producers and a talent acquisition specialist. In addition, they have numerous opportunities at their Lucasfilm Animation Company in Singapore.

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