Holiday Deal: 40% Off Ornaments


With Halloween behind us and the holiday season approaching, there’s more than just Thanksgiving decorations on sale. At least one site is already offering deals on Christmas ornaments, and while I wouldn’t recommend buying a tree just yet (it will probably be dead by Christmas), there’s no reason you can’t grab some cheap ornaments now and stow them in the attic until December. is offering at least 40% off a variety of Christmas ornaments, though you should act fast because it’s not clear how long the deal will last. Here are a few of the ornaments on sale.

Mini-Wine Ornament Collection 
Now: $11.99 | Was: $19.95

One of Jesus’s most popular miracles was turning water into wine. Hang one of these wine glass ornaments on your tree and fill it with water – maybe there will be a Christmas miracle!

Holiday Bath Confetti Ornaments (Set of 3) 
Now: $8.99 | Was: $14.95

I like the idea of ornaments filled with stuff, though I’m not sure why you would want to be showered with confetti while taking a bath. These can be refilled with whatever you want after you’re done with the confetti.

Naughty or Nice Christmas Ornament 
Now: $8.99 | Was: $14.95

Depending on how you hang this, it will indicate whether you’ve been naughty or nice. It’s not like Santa doesn’t already know, though. He has a list.

“Dashing Through the Dough” Christmas Ornament 
Now: $8.99 | Was: $14.95

This ornament celebrates what Christmas is all about: Spending gobs of money. Wait, that’s not right. Oh no, we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas!

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