Halle Berry Reveals How She Makes One Tax Deduction Work For Her


New mom Halle Berry who filed her taxes by April 15th revealed that she took a number of charitable deductions. This is what Halle told MainStreet:

‘Many people utilize charitable giving as a great tax write off, and it is. But more than that, for me, charitable giving is a financial investment in the human spirit. When we invest in each other, we invest in ourselves. There is no single investment that I have pursued that has brought a greater return, than helping someone who needs it.’

Halle does not only give she also works hard as Chair Person Year of Giving Campaign at the Jenesse Center (www.jenesse.org). The Jenesse Center has the oldest domestic violence program in South Central Los Angeles. On Sunday and Monday (April 27th-28th), the Jenesse Center is running a fundraiser known as the Silver Rose Weekend. A significant part of the fundraiser is an online auction including items such as a Hornets autographed Basketball, Disneyland Passports, and a Russell Simmons Men's Ensemble. To learn more about the Jenesse auction or to participate please click here. The weekend will conclude with Halle Berry's Celebrity Golf Classic .

In discussing the Jenesse Center, Berry told MainStreet: ’Currently, I work with a charity, the Jenesse Center that restores American families who are overcoming the nightmare of domestic violence. The charity offers a holistic approach to helping families restore their lives through housing, financial planning, psychological counseling, legal services and career counseling. The result is these women and children go on to matriculate back into society as whole, productive citizens and healthy human beings. Even better, the children are nurtured with psychological counseling, so they are able to cope and grow up not to repeat the violent behavior they experienced, but to have healthy family relationships. Our event invites the community to join our work in strengthening and restoring American families.’

We love Halle Berry for taking the extra step to help those in need. And, unlike some people we know, both for filing her taxes and doing them on time.

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