Grocery Auctions: Bidding on Vittles


Do I hear $3 for this crate of clementines? In an economic move, auctioneers have expanded their selection of items for sale to include food products, otherwise known as grocery auctions. They're selling apples, zucchini, diapers, frozen pizzas and just about anything else you can imagine. According to one Michigan-based auctioneer, customers are saving 25 to 50% at auctions compared to typical grocery store prices.

But before heading to a grocery auction, it's important to familiarize yourself with standard retail prices so you don't end up bidding more than the item costs in a store. Be advised that some items are approaching their sell-by dates or have recently expired.

Want to see what grocery auctions are all about? Find one near you by visiting, typing the word grocery where the site asks for a keyword, and searching by your zip code.


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